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Screw conveyor commonly known as auger was used to accomplish combined transport separate transport mixing blending dehydration and discharging.Auger is generally used in the drilling waste management or cuttings transportation.

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Drilling waste management systems are packages of different function for drilling waste management. Usually include high G drying shaker, auger feeder or screw conveyor, skid mounted cuttings dryer, and decanter centrifuge with telescopic skid, drilling cuttings tank or mud skips.

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KOSUN provides drilling waste management equipment,DWM control and DWM Solids Control sales,rent,refurbishment,maintenance.

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Hunter MG&D series linear motion shale shaker is the most popular option for a set of solids control system and cost effective. 3 panels and 4 panels of shaker screen both available. Hunter Mini shale shaker is designed for HDD or diamond drilling to suit small volume application.

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Drilling waste management Mongoose Shaker Screen For Oil and gas drilling . 1 Description: Oil and gas drilling Horizontal directional drilling project Water or geothermal well drilling CBM exploration Drilling waste management Oil sludge treatment Other filtration or solid separation industry

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Quality Mi Swaco Shaker Screens manufacturers & exporter - buy Mi Swaco MD-3 shale shaker screens in drilling waste management from China manufacturer.

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The composite material shaker screen is replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose screen, but more cost-effective, better price and good quality. 2) 1 set mud cleaner, GNZJ594-2S12N. The mud cleaner is combination of down deck shale shaker with 4 panel shaker …

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GN Shaker Screen is a division for GN Solids Control to provide high quality & cost effective GN OEM shaker screens, and replacement screens for different shale shaker manufacturers. Download GN Shaker Screen Brochure

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Xian Brightway Energy Equipment Co., Ltd Phone: +86-29-89305761 Fax: +86-29-89305769 Address: Room 11206, Suite D, City Gate, High-tech Zone, Xi'an China

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Cuttings Management System. Verti G Cuttings Dryer and Decanter Centrifuges are the solution that can dramatically reduce waste volume and reclaim much drilling fluids back to the active mud system, and meet increasingly strict environmental regulations. The …


A shale shaker’s capacity has been reached when excessive amounts of drilling fluid (or drilling-fluid liquid phase) first begins discharging over the end of the shaker. The capacity is determined by the combination of two factors: 1.The fluid limit is the maximum fluid flow rate that can be processed through the shaker screen.

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Shale Shaker Screen Solids Control System Mud Recycling System Waste Management Drilling Waste Management Drying Shaker Vertical Cuttings Dryer Screw Conveyor Cuttings Boxes Oil Sludge Treatment Treatment System For Sludge With Oil In-direct Thermal Desorption Fracture Fluid Drainage Management System

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On a shale shaker, one of the most important components is the shale shaker screen. The shale shaker screen is actually what separates liquids from solids so having the correct screen can determine how effective drilling equipment operates.

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Drilling Waste Management is process which use solids control equipment and chemical material to deal with drilling waste. Solids control equipment removes drilling cuttings are often reported as drilling waste.

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GN Shale Shaker separates solids from liquids by utilizing a vibrating basket, that might be outfitted with specially-designed and -sized screens. Shaker is regarded primarily essentially one of the most necessary tool for removing drilled solids. These units take away the majority of drilled solids generated through the widespread drilling course of action.

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Shale Shaker Screens are one of the major business for GN Solids Control. We understand, the cost-effective shale shaker screens are very important for the drilling operations solids control equipment.

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Mud Shale Shaker. Mud Shale shaker as a first-class solid control equipment, the relative movement between the screen surface and drilling mud is a necessary condition for screening. In screening machine, the movement of drilling mud to screen surface mainly …

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Drying shale shaker is the shaker holding Hi-G vibration strength can achieve drying or dewatering effect. We usually use it in drilling waste management. Drying shale shaker description. Drying shaker can be used in oil base fluid waste process or water base mud waste management. Drying shaker at Aipu holding vibration strength up to 8.0G.

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Vertical cutting dryer is a new design and product of drilling waste management system. DCTLL-A vertical drilling cutting dryer is a kind of separation equipment which utilizes mechanical rotary produce centrifugal force to realize.. Special performance of DCTLL-A vertical drilling cutting dryer:. 1.

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The performance of a shale shaker depends on the large number of parameters. The most important variables affecting the capacity of a shale shaker are drilling fluid rheological properties, concentration and size distribution of solids, screen mesh and area, vibration … Read the rest

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Shale shakers are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid that is used for boring holes into the earth. Controlling the solids in drilling fluid is an important component of the cost of drilling, so research into improved shale shaker design is ongoing.

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GN Solids America LLC is one of the top machinery manufacture in China for drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management of the drilling cutting waste. The shale shaker screen is most consumable part on whole drilling mud solids control process.

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Vertical cutting dryer / Verti-G dryer for drilling waste management. it can be used for oil/ water based drilling mud and application. ... Engaged in sales and service of Oil Solids Control Equipment,Shale Shaker Screen, NOV, Derrick Screens, Flat & Pyramid Screens, Mangoose Screens. ... Hyper G drilling cuttings drying shale shaker is available.

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Author shale shaker screen Posted on 2018年10月7日 Categories Shale Shaker Screen Tags shale shaker screen The Common used Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker is a most popular equipment uses in drilling mud primary solids control system.

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Shale shaker optimization through innovation. In designing solids control technology, M-I SWACO research and development examined the shaker’s vital role as the first mechanism for solids removal, exploring shaker vibration patterns, G-force, deck size and configuration, processing efficiency, and optimal screen characteristics.

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The client have 6 rigs, now they are equiping half of their rigs with drilling waste management system. The list of the waste management equipment include: 3 sets vertical cuttings dryer 6 sets high speed VFD decanter centrifuges 9 screw pumps, with 6 for feeding decanter centrifuges, ther other 3 for flushing the cuttings dryer.

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Shaker-screen selection matters—shaker screens make the only separation based on size. Footprint matters—the space available for equipment on rigs always is limited. Solids concentration. Increasing solids concentration in drilling fluid is a problem for the operator, the drilling …

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GN Solids Control offers a complete line of solids control, comprising shakers, screens, centrifuges,mud cleaners systems. ... Waste Management. Shale Shaker Screen. News center. Containerized Oil Sludge Treatment System for Europe Client 18-12-09. Complete Oil Sludge Treatment System Ready for Delivery 18-11-17.

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Drilling Waste Management. Shale Shaker. Shaker Screen. Shear Pump. Shale Shaker. Shaker Screen. ... rig drilling waste Decanter Centrifuge Decanter Centrifugeoffshore Decanter Centrifugeonshore Decanter Centrifuge drilling waste management drilling waste management equipment drilling waste management system GN solids America GN solids control ...

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GN Solids Control is a world famous company and brand in the solids control and drilling waste management industry. Now its business range spanning from shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, vacuum degasser and so on. GN could be your one stop shop in the solids control and waste management area.

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Solids Control & Cuttings Management ... contractors, operators, and shipyards to customize integrated drilling and waste management configurations for optimal fluid recovery, reduced dilution rates, less waste generation, and lower costs. ... Shale Shakers. Shale shaker technology for consistent solids control performance on land or offshore.

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We provide Solid Control Equipment, drilling mud system, shaker screen and solids control equipment spare parts, include Submersible Slurry Pump, Drilling Cutting Box, Jet Mud Mixer, Vacuum Degaaser, Decanter Centrifuge, Mud Gas Separator.Our products have high quality and competitive prices.

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GN Solids Control is a professional supplier to offer drilling waste management equipments, please contact GN Solids for inquiry freely No related posts. written by GN Shale Shaker \\ tags: drilling waste , drilling waste management , recycling , Solids Control Equipment , waste management

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Drilling shale shaker is used for filtering out harmful solid particles in drilling fluid. Drying shale shaker is the most fundamental and critical equipment in drilling waste management. TR drying shaker is widely used in drilling waste management.

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Shale shaker screen has also evolved over time in design and performance. Shale shaker is the primary part of a solid drilling waste management system. The latest development in the field is the introduction of 3D screen technology. shale shaker screen

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GN Solids America LLC is a GN Solids Control USA Branch company. GN Solids America is the first USA based solids control company from China and specialize in drilling mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment and complete mud recycling system.

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GN Solids Control is a world famous company and brand in the solids control and drilling waste management industry. Now its business range spanning from shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, vacuum degasser and so on. GN could be your one stop shop in the solids control and drilling waste management area.

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Drilling Waste Management System. Drilling Waste Management can be refered as DWM (Drilling Waste Management), it ia a highly vital part of oil&gas drilling.Solids control is a technique used for well drilling to provide prepared drilling fluids for drilling rigs.